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Everett House

Speculative rebrand and identity development for the spa wellness center Everett House. Everett  is a cornerstone of inner Northeast Portland, having served the neighborhood for over 30 years. With beautiful grounds and a welcoming atmosphere, it lacked a presence that was representative of it’s character and newer Portland audience. My focus was to breathe new life and a little bit of quiet elegance into this beloved establishment, while maintaining it's folksy community charm. 


Print, Digital & Web


PSUGD: Studio 5




Guiding Question

What can you do to transform a neighborhood cornerstone community establishment with a longstanding clientele, into something that is reflective of and inclusive of a changing neighborhood and new customers?


At Everett House, the audience is primarily hyperlocal, health-conscious, seeking holistic wellness in a community setting. In order to increase the establishment's credibility and position in the Portland wellness scene, I needed to design an identity that spoke to their clients' needs and values. In this urban retreat, guests can take a soak in the sanctuary garden, use wet and dry saunas, and receive body treatments in a calm and inclusive setting.

Lindsey G. Domes
Graphic Designer & Illustrator, using artistic intuition and research to create thoughtful solutions for projects. 
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