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Rosie Tucker

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Rosie Tucker sought a more mature look and feel for their second full-length album that would reflect how they have grown as a band. Rosie had a clear vision and we were delighted to help it come to fruition.  


Illustration & Art Direction


Rosie Tuker




Visual Issues


Guiding question: What are some ways of signaling an artist's growth and coming of age to audiences?


Color inspiration came from rich earthtone makeup palettes and flesh. Dark maroons, and balmy blushes. The misty and sometimes murky greens and blues are indicative of swampy waters in LA river near the artists home. The concept was extended to incorporate irridecent slimy-goo throughout the imagery. Swamps, slime, and flesh, but make grown-up. The artists used the word amphibian to describe themselves and wanted to see a cross between trippy/skate/punk vibes and editorial, andrgenous glam

Theses decisions guided the photography and material elements throughout the project. 

The hand lettering was created early on in the concept phase and ultimately did not suit the more mature direction, but it turned out great nonetheless!

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Lindsey G. Domes
Graphic Designer & Illustrator, using artistic intuition and research to create thoughtful solutions for projects. 
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