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WildUp - Darkness Sounding

Wild Up refers to themselves as "an experiment" making shows, records, and telling stories "that live somewhere between new music, theater, performance-art, and pop."  


Illustration + Color Direction






Visual Issues


 In this case the the band had a lot of concepts ideas of their own, around ritual, place making, the desert, and thoughts of times together and now apart. including wanting of images of things like an eight ball, grass, wind, and a box. They left the illustration style up to me. I went with something a little rough to reinforce the intimacy and human connection evoked by the bands music.


The color palette and gradients used are warm in tone and meant to evoke the feeling of sunrise in the desert during the dark winter months. The colors gently morphed in and out of each other in the background of the website creating a slow rhythmic pulse inviting the viewer to introspection.  

I created a series of social-media stories corresponding to the daily performances throughout the festival. 

Lindsey G. Domes
Graphic Designer & Illustrator, using artistic intuition and research to create thoughtful solutions for projects. 
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