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The Idea Store

The Idea Store is a local arts and culture organization/club for artists, designers, and doers of all sorts. They gather to share in-process creative projects for discussion and critical feedback. 


Events & Workshop Branding


The Idea Store




Guiding question: How do I create a brand that is flexible enough to work in changing physical locations, as well as meet the needs of digital events while also welcoming and embracing creatives of different skill sets to collaborate?

The client provided a photo of a 1980s bank sign near their studio as a source of style inspiration and a jumping off point for the brand. The idea to create a logo with framing hands came about through using my own hands to focus on and establish the ideas and elements I was working out on paper. Ideas are born from collaboration.  

IdeaStore_StickersArtboard 6-80.jpg
IdeaStore_SignArtboard 4-80.jpg
Display 0642 2022-02-10IdeaStore.jpg

Approach (cont.)

The Idea Store's audience is primarily urban, and design conscious, with an eye for beauty and minimalism. Creating a sophisticated, but simple type and color palette that speaks to a creatives appreciation for form and approachability was a high priority.


To keep things simple and eye catching the brand uses a two color palette and juxtaposes clean bold type with hand drawn marks in the illustrations and graphics.   

The digital presence (web and social) features curated stock imagery as well as photos from events edited in a blue duotone.


For in-person events that regularly change location, a portable sandwich board that can be used outside where traditional stationary signage is not possible helps keep wayfinding simple.

In order to create the feeling of being in a club, the client wanted some fun and practical swag pieces. The "grow your ideas" tote bag is perfect for bringing a notebook and a water bottle to an Idea Store event, and a poster style events calendar to hang on the wall  is a handy reminder of events to come. 

A portable sandwich board that can be used outside where traditional stationary signage is not possible helps keep things simple and eye-catching while also catering to the brand's in-person events as well as its changing locations.

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