The Idea Store

The Idea Store is a local arts and culture organization/club for artists, designers, and doers of all sorts. They gather to share in-process creative projects for discussion and critical feedback. 


Events & Workshop Branding


The Idea Store






The client provided an image of a 1980’s bank sign near his studio as inspiration and a jumping off point. The framing hands logo grew from me using my own hands to zero in on the ideas and elements I was playing with on paper. Ideas are born from collaboration. 



The “Grow your ideas” tote bag came through envisioning what kinds of things the community member might need, a way to carry sketchbooks and water to the next Idea Store event of course. A seasonal events calendar was a nice takeaway to keep guests inspired and looking forward to meeting again.

IdeaStore_StickersArtboard 6-80.jpg

Whats Next?

The Idea store is small and developing; it was fun being part of their inception, and playing with some of their blue-sky concepts.