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BFA Catalog & Showcase

The annual BFA Catalog and Showcase is an important end-cap for graduating BFA students at Portland State. It’s a project that generates a memento containing the works and statements of each student. The catalog is completed by A+D Projects over two terms. (explain what a+d is )


Designed Cover, Endpapers and Web & Social Media


A+D Projects

Portland State University




Kris Blackmore +

Ariel Fogden, 


Guiding question: How can we tell a cohesive story about the creative work of a diverse group of artists?

I joined this project as it was nearing completion to do a cover design as well as other unifying elements such as interstitial dividers and endpapers. The catalog was broken up by artist and each artists interview page included a flood of a single color. The washy gradient is the combination of all the artists colors come together.


Because this was scheduled to publish at at the onset of COVID-19 and the graduation showcase was now going to be held online, the project ended up requiring additional assets outside the original scope. A website that needed branded elements and social assets were added to compliment the catalog design. 

Lindsey G. Domes
Graphic Designer & Illustrator, using artistic intuition and research to create thoughtful solutions for projects. 
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